Moments Like These | Harry MCNally

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South Korean artist ‘Choi Xooang shows us the realism of the human emotion frozen in an instant. The flow of life through polymer clay figures breathes the difficult reality we face today if Man does not confront the outer world. Choi personifies what he feels inside canalized by every emotion in a multidimensional way. He works through the whole body or a part, focusing on the intensity of sensation as he crystallizes life filled with so much severity and darkness. His artistic intuition suggests that Man hides behind his body but that the soul is so powerful that skin speaks a language of its own, howling when it hurts and playful when peaceful. However, when continuously fighting against society and the burden of existence, the quintessence of numbed flesh dies even though the blood flows and the heart still beats.’

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Architectural Afterlife | Johnny Joo

Art, Photography

Abandonment can be beautiful. An exploration of abandon structures from young photographer Johnny Joo

More info: Urbex | Empty Spaces

Tote – a – Doodle

Art, Illustration

Check them out! Wicked illustrated tote bags for wicked minds.

More info: Tote-a-Doodle

Johnson Tsang | Artist


Tsang is a Hong King based sculptor who uses  ceramics and stainless steel  to create this unique sculptures and public art projects. Mixing human beings with objects along with surreal imagination his works just blow you off.

More info: Johnson Tsang


Brian Andrews | Hominid

Art, Photography

Based on the series of photographer Brian Andrews, the video consists of insects, see-through, with human skeletons in a disturbing / beautifully weird animation “Hominid”

More info: Brian Andrews

Shaka & Nosbe | Paintings


Shaka’s figures are fragmented with vivid strips of colour, and often conceal other elements of the subject’s psyche. Nosbe’s tribal patterns are influenced by time living in Tahiti. The two styles are usually easy to distinguish, but complement each other perfectly.

More info: Shaka & Nosbe

Sasha Vinogradova | Styles of russian folk painting

Art, Illustration

Amazing skull art!

[…] I did this thing recently, to show different styles of russian folk painting. Here are Gorodets, Gzhel, North-Dvina, Zhostovo, Mezen and Khokhloma. I think on skulls it looks fun and new. Also it slightly remind me Día de Muertos) […]

More info: Sasha Vinogradova

Julia Randal | Artist


Lick Line Collection

[..] Julia Randall is in love with drawing, and uses her seductive technique to craft images that subtly challenge assumptions about corporeality, desire, and the natural world. Intersecting sensibilities activate her work; images are simultaneously erotic and humorous, beautiful and repulsive. Although she clearly operates in the realm of fantasy, Randall uses observation-based drawing and hyperrealistic technique to create images that are surreal and suggestive. […]

More info: Julia Randal