Beyond The Logo

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Beyond designing “just” the logo – Stationery usage is essential for Professional Business.

Change the perspective of “Just design a Logo”.

It is you first set of Company Branding.


J&B Tattooed Edition Whiskey

ARTICLES, Branding, Illustration, Packaging

Paris tattoo artist Sébastien Mathieu of Le Sphinx did all the work here by hand, and with each bottle taking more than 20 hours to complete, only 25 of those keepers have been produced. Each bottle was covered with a latex skin before getting tatted.

More info: J&B

Ladyssenyadora | Tinta de Vi


Amazing limited edition wine bottle designed by graphic studio Ladyssenyadora. By leaving red wine out in the sun, until partly dried, form a dark red goo that is perfect in printing. Check out their video.

More info: Ladyssenyadora

Oksal Yesilok | Whimsical Playing Cards


Lovely package design plus product. Another set of playing cards. A special one. Linear, minimal, geometrical. Pure elegance.

“This is a single deck of 54 cards. Design flies, diamonds, hearts and spades instead of using symbols to understand the symbols has been to create new symbols. Based on the concept of logo design that I created whimsical illustrations that have identified and encouraged. In general, a certain line art made using the technique of vector based graphics language that supported the program. Take the time to complete the printed version of the design lasted 3 months.”

More info: Oksal Yesilok

We The Force | Bandana

Branding, Illustration

[…] Established in 2012 as a new company WeTheForce Studios is a family of talented developers and artists that creates high quality games and interactive products that we love, making sure you love them too. […]

More info: We The Force (Behance) | We The Force 

Polpo | Restaurant Branding


One of my favourites, from Richard Marazzi Design.

I quote:

[…] We created a name and a brand for an conceptual Italian restaurant that specializes in Venetian fare with a focus on seafood. Polpo means octopus in Italian and is a staple in Venetian cuisine and a specially of the house. Playing with historical images that were used in textbooks before the invention of photography created a playful image style. […]

More info: Richard Marazzi Design

Wood [y]


Great inspiration with this old medium. Wood! Using Laser-cutting process which has dropped down obviously from the whole online mass. Give the feeling of a handmade product. Don’t turn your back on pre-web styles of design!

More info: GDB

Indygen | Branding


Even though trends for the moment are simple, clear, flat designs ( also categorized as hipster by few ), I’m really glad to see this kind of edgy font use for branding. Dynamic, strong. Kinda yells in your face. Brandient developed the brand strategy and created the name, the visual identity, the packaging, the typography and all major brand manifestations.

More info: Brandient