Moments Like These | Harry MCNally

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Nightmare Photography | Moppaa – Eugene Kuleshov


27-year-old Russian photographer, painter and digital artist Moppaa – Eugene Kuleshov.

Full gallery here.

Architectural Afterlife | Johnny Joo

Art, Photography

Abandonment can be beautiful. An exploration of abandon structures from young photographer Johnny Joo

More info: Urbex | Empty Spaces

Joey L | Halloween in Brooklyn


“Halloween in North America has gone through major changes, adopting many influences since its Pre-Christian roots. Today the neighborhood of Bushwick, Brooklyn celebrates the tradition by blending frightening creatures from the festival’s roots with contemporary icons of pop culture.”

More info: Joey L.

Brian Andrews | Hominid

Art, Photography

Based on the series of photographer Brian Andrews, the video consists of insects, see-through, with human skeletons in a disturbing / beautifully weird animation “Hominid”

More info: Brian Andrews

Nir Arieli | Photographer


Photographer Nir Arieli in his project “Tension”, superimposes multiple images of a single dancer thus creating an insane delusion of movement.The different overlaying photos bring up interesting combinations.

More info: Nir Arieli

[…] Kako | Photographer […]


“Black Widow” – Project

As I quote from his website:  “In times when there is a camera in every pocket, the creativity is crucial to identify an artist. Kako (Rodrigo Abraham) is a photographer with a unique point of view, not suitable for prudish. Profound at a point that can be dark, conceptual in a way that might turn abstract, his works are always dramatic. There are many ways to acquire beauty and, in his case, the path usually goes from rejection to transcendence. Retouch is a tool he uses as a mean to achieve realities beyond ours, that are both familiar and strange. You can love his work or hate it, that´s the point.”

More info: Kako

Photography Projecy | A Silent And Abandoned World

Art, Photography

Lucie & Simon, self-taught artists, with particular techniques and trick creates this project of A silent world where they show some of the busiest places minus people! A clean apocalyptic image.

More info: Lucie & Simon

C.Owens | Photographer


Powerful black and white photographs with such a mysticism and authority at the same time. Portraits of animas from the collection “Trophies” and cool zoom ins on insects in the collection  “Natural Curiosities”.

More info: C. Owens

Aldo Tolino | Photographer


Create the – DESTROY, the create again! Ando takes a photographic portrait, deconstructs it and then reconstructs it by folding it into geometric shapes. It’s called L’Architecte.

More info: Aldo Tolino