What To Do With Spare Ideas


“We all get tons of new ideas constantly as designers. Which is awesome – don’t get me wrong – but sometimes we get way more ideas than we can actually get to in one sitting. Or even in one lifetime. Often, designers simply jot down those excess ideas in a notebook and file them away somewhere, but that’s boring and unhelpful. The truth is, there are far better ways to deal with your spare ideas. Here are some suggestions on what to do with them.”



Client Advice: When Will My Logo Design Be Finished?


With patience comes the “right” design

Beyond The Logo

ARTICLES, Branding

Beyond designing “just” the logo – Stationery usage is essential for Professional Business.

Change the perspective of “Just design a Logo”.

It is you first set of Company Branding.




South Korean artist ‘Choi Xooang shows us the realism of the human emotion frozen in an instant. The flow of life through polymer clay figures breathes the difficult reality we face today if Man does not confront the outer world. Choi personifies what he feels inside canalized by every emotion in a multidimensional way. He works through the whole body or a part, focusing on the intensity of sensation as he crystallizes life filled with so much severity and darkness. His artistic intuition suggests that Man hides behind his body but that the soul is so powerful that skin speaks a language of its own, howling when it hurts and playful when peaceful. However, when continuously fighting against society and the burden of existence, the quintessence of numbed flesh dies even though the blood flows and the heart still beats.’

via juxtapoz 

Case Study No1: The Client/Friend


Client/friend, asks for my help on creating a logo for their band. Obviously, super duper excited I’m glad to give a hand. So here I am having just the name of the band and as a custom i create 3 logo option. I prepare the presentation and send it to my client/friend, shortcut – CF.  FYI : No money are involved, its just a help.

CF contact me and asks for a meeting, cause it seems that the other part of the band has some ideas. Open minded as I am we meet and I listen. Their Mistake No1, asks for a photo to be the logo. Their Mistake No2, insisting on it ; after explaining to them the whole theory of logo as a symbol, element, vector and all the other words that you can find in a thesaurus. Tired as I am, I say Ill figure something out and send them a logo based on that.

There was no hurry on it so I got my self tide up on some projects, big and new. CF calls me up that they need to see it. So I manage to squeeze some time and prepare in my professional way ( CAUSE GRAPHIC DESIGN IS A PROFESSION ) the best I can according to their brief.

1 1/2 months go by, with no answer, no feedback ( I should probably write it in capitals on emails ) no response at all. I decided to msg to the CF and get dome update.

Me: I’m waiting for a response on the logo

CF: Oh, we wont take it… thank you any way though…

Me: You could have told me.

CF: Does it make a difference?

Are we for real? As a Client you have every right to like something or not. If you still wanna work with the specific g.designer you should meet up and explain what you dont like or you like so he/she can have a clear view on what you see. If you dont wanna work with the g.designer. at least have some respect and let them know.

Here some possible KIND.RESPECTFUL answers you can give to someone: (use as guidelines)

• No thank you we wont take it.

• Yes we like it.

• I dont like it but we can meet up and discuss it.

Dont let someone pending the project, especially since he/she was waiting for the feedback, asked for the feedback. Be thoughtful enough to answer.

Nightmare Photography | Moppaa – Eugene Kuleshov


27-year-old Russian photographer, painter and digital artist Moppaa – Eugene Kuleshov.

Full gallery here.

Architectural Afterlife | Johnny Joo

Art, Photography

Abandonment can be beautiful. An exploration of abandon structures from young photographer Johnny Joo

More info: Urbex | Empty Spaces

Tote – a – Doodle

Art, Illustration

Check them out! Wicked illustrated tote bags for wicked minds.

More info: Tote-a-Doodle

J&B Tattooed Edition Whiskey

ARTICLES, Branding, Illustration, Packaging

Paris tattoo artist Sébastien Mathieu of Le Sphinx did all the work here by hand, and with each bottle taking more than 20 hours to complete, only 25 of those keepers have been produced. Each bottle was covered with a latex skin before getting tatted.

More info: J&B