Designer Redesigns A Logo In A Day

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Designing a Brand Identity


“Most of the times, Designing a logo is not enough. Professional businesses have layers of management that require a thorough brand identity system that provides a unified vision and tools that help everyone build the brand.”


Beyond The Logo

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Beyond designing “just” the logo – Stationery usage is essential for Professional Business.

Change the perspective of “Just design a Logo”.

It is you first set of Company Branding.


Polpo | Restaurant Branding


One of my favourites, from Richard Marazzi Design.

I quote:

[…] We created a name and a brand for an conceptual Italian restaurant that specializes in Venetian fare with a focus on seafood. Polpo means octopus in Italian and is a staple in Venetian cuisine and a specially of the house. Playing with historical images that were used in textbooks before the invention of photography created a playful image style. […]

More info: Richard Marazzi Design

Indygen | Branding


Even though trends for the moment are simple, clear, flat designs ( also categorized as hipster by few ), I’m really glad to see this kind of edgy font use for branding. Dynamic, strong. Kinda yells in your face. Brandient developed the brand strategy and created the name, the visual identity, the packaging, the typography and all major brand manifestations.

More info: Brandient