100 Year old Lost Typeface Rediscovered

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“Typeface designer Robert Green has recently rediscovered the ‘Doves Type’, a typeface which has been lost almost 100 years ago.
The typeface was thrown into the River Thames by its owner T.J Cobden-Sanderson, as a means of resolving a feud over its use with his partner at Dove Press. ”


Why you should trust designers… After all you hired them.

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“The thought of trusting your project’s entire visual identity with a professional graphic, web, or UX designer can be scary for someone who has never worked with one. This post was written to ease your anxiety and help you understand what’s going on behind those trendy, thick-rimmed glasses. Here’s why you can breathe a sigh of relief…”


Simon Laliberte | Dissolving toothbrush package


An amazing creative toothbrush package design by Simon. Won the 3rd place at “REMARKABLE PACKAGING & ALTERNATIVES”, a packaging exhibition in Paris 2012. Materials used are PVA: a compound of polyvinyl acetate no-toxic, biodegradable and 100% recyclable and paper of 60gm² made of cellulose-based compound of tree pulp. Completely dissolved in water in less that 10sec. Printed by using an soya ink black water soluble.

Futuristic, attractive and ergonomic shape and eventually heat sealed at both sides.

More info: Simon Laliberté

Andy Gilmore | Color Compositions


Hypnotizing and kaledoscoping patterns create an illusionistic artwork , a geometrical composition of colors!

More info: Andy Gilmore

Atelier Olschinsky | Legendary Cities | Illustration Series


Beautiful visions of cities. Complicated structure and detailed “collage” create this amazing work.

More info: Atelier Olschinsky

Rick Davidson | Origins Playing Card Design


I was so ecstatic when I came across this project by Rick Davidson. A passionated designer and illustrator about creating high quality art and cutting edge media.

His project is about, a deck of playing cards! “Where did today’s standard card design originate?  That’s the question I began to explore in depth many months ago”.The research and amount of time he spend in this was definitely worth it. It’s a great magical journey. Be sure to check it out. Also theres a great video on his Kickstarter page, and if you want to contribute 😉

More info:  Rick Davidson    |    Kickstarter

Tineke Meirink | Illustrator


Dutch illustrator Tineke Meirink shows us how imagination is just great when you look beyond what you actually see.

Her project “Stop Watch”  is a series of fun visions of everyday object. Incorporating cartoon characters into this photos brings up beautiful potentials.

More info: Stop Watch