Why you should trust designers… After all you hired them.

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“The thought of trusting your project’s entire visual identity with a professional graphic, web, or UX designer can be scary for someone who has never worked with one. This post was written to ease your anxiety and help you understand what’s going on behind those trendy, thick-rimmed glasses. Here’s why you can breathe a sigh of relief…”



Designing a Brand Identity


“Most of the times, Designing a logo is not enough. Professional businesses have layers of management that require a thorough brand identity system that provides a unified vision and tools that help everyone build the brand.”


What To Do With Spare Ideas


“We all get tons of new ideas constantly as designers. Which is awesome – don’t get me wrong – but sometimes we get way more ideas than we can actually get to in one sitting. Or even in one lifetime. Often, designers simply jot down those excess ideas in a notebook and file them away somewhere, but that’s boring and unhelpful. The truth is, there are far better ways to deal with your spare ideas. Here are some suggestions on what to do with them.”


Beyond The Logo

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Beyond designing “just” the logo – Stationery usage is essential for Professional Business.

Change the perspective of “Just design a Logo”.

It is you first set of Company Branding.